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Unlike many other hormone treatments, our therapy is personally designed to restore and rebalance your hormones to the levels you had before you developed symptoms; not just the levels for a mid-life or senior adult. Perhaps most importantly, our hormones are derived from natural plants. This means they are not synthetic like Premarin which is made from conjugated horse urine. We do not offer or use synthetic estradiol, progesterone or testosterone hormones in our therapy.

Hormone Loss – What do we do about it? Is there a way to re-start the engine that keeps our hormones balanced in our bodies?

Good news! There are options out there to get those hormones to rise back to levels that make symptoms decrease or disappear altogether.

Our patient sampling indicates regular treatment provides consistent sustained symptom relief like before the onset of symptoms. We ask each patient to self-report their symptoms before each treatment to let us know how they are improving. From this reporting, we often see a clear picture of symptom improvement. Almost every patient reports significant improvement and many report that symptoms they used to experience are now gone.

Patient Testimonial:

“Before starting my hormone therapy I was experiencing at least 15-20 hot flashes a day.  I had no focus or energy.  No desire for physical intimacy with my husband.  Now I have no more hot flashes, sleeping great, lots of energy and my husband is happier too.”   – Rose S., 12-6-12, New Leaf Medical, St. Louis Park, Minnesota, under care of Dr. Sandy Wiita.

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